I remember my best friend clearly,his name was Keeshan. We were always talking and laughing. Sometimes we got in trouble because we talked too much. He lived down the street from me and we would always come out and play until it got dark. We were  best friends that did everything together, he was like a brother to me in my eyes. He was a funny guy who was always smiling at everything  he did. He was never really down at anything just maybe a couple of times. He didn’t care about popularity or trying to be cool because he was cool to himself and he didn’t care who thought otherwise.  We went through first grade to fourth grade together and it would have been fifth ,but he had to move because his dad got a new job offer in Katy. When he left it was pretty weird because I felt like I lost something, I didn’t really have anybody to call friend when he left. I won’t lie, I cried the day after he left because I felt to alone in this VERY BIG world and had no one to guide me through it. It got really weird because at school I had to make new friends ,but no one was ever close to being someone like Keeshan, no one goofy or funny like him. Not even his personality was close to anybody.


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