Too close to DEATH

I remember when I was little I was playing with my brother and sister downstairs. I think it was hop scotch or something, but that doesn’t matter. It was a perfect day and my mom was sleeping upstairs. It was my turn and I started off good ,but in the middle I lost my balance. Then the worst happened and I fell and hit my head really good on the edge of the glass table. The table was really hard so it made a really big gash in my head, next minute all I heard was my screams plus my sister and brother, the blood came out sort of fast. My mom came out and asked what happened, my brother told her as I moaned in horrific pain. She screamed too and got a bag of ice as she called the police. She took me upstairs and put the ice on my head where the blood was. The ambulance came to my house a few minutes later and took my pulse and everything. Then got me on the stretcher and took me to the hospital, after that I don’t really remember anything else. That moment was my close encounter with death.


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