Lost a competition

Wow, this is really coincidental because Saturday at the STEEM Festival I was playing in a tournament. My team was wining and everything was going good for us. It seemed we would have the grand prize soon enough, which was twenty dollar gift card to Walmart. However I guess someone had something to say about that because the next game we were playing wasn’t going so good. I didn’t tie my shoes because I was in a hurry sort of, and then I just did. I think that had something to do with us not playing so good. Anyway coach said he’s not calling any fouls except the hard ones. Next thing you know our opponents were fouling hard, well just pushing us which made me really mad. It was going okay for us sort of. When they started to push me I got really mad. That was one reason why we lost, but I wasn’t we mad we lost though. My other teammate was acting up too. He wasn’t playing that much defense, but it’s okay we were the best team out there.


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